Dr. Gary M. Rand
Professor & Director, Ecotoxicology & Risk Assessment
Southeast Environmental Research Center
Department of Environmental Studies
Florida International University
3000 N.E. 151st Street
N. Miami, FL  33181
Tel: (305) 919-5869 
Fax: (305) 919- 5887
E-mail: randg@fiu.edu


  • 1977-1979, NIH postdoctoral research fellow trainee, Toxicology at North Carolina State University
  • 1976, Ph.D., Texas A & M University
  • 1972, M.S., Long Island University
  • 1972, M.S., City College of the City University of N.Y.
  • 1966, B.A., Hunter College of the City University of N.Y.

Professional Experience:

  • Dr. Rand  has 30 years of academic, industrial and consulting experience on the toxicological effects, movement and distribution of chemicals including pesticides, metals, petroleum hydrocarbons and pharmaceuticals in freshwater, saltwater, terrestrial and wetland ecosystems. He has been actively involved in the conduct of acute and chronic laboratory toxicity studies and in outdoor microcosm and mesocosm studies and in the evaluation and interpretation of results for the registration of chemicals.  He is presently on the editorial board of three journals and is completing the third edition of his book “Fundamentals of Aquatic Toxicology”.  

Specific Experience:

  • Technical support of environmental litigation on issues including: contamination of surface waters, sediment, soil and potential effects on fish, invertebrates, birds and wildlife; product liability; water quality/waste water/effluent toxicity
  • Evaluation of ecotoxicity/environmental fate chemistry data and preparation of ecological risk assessments for pesticide registration, hazardous waste sites, chemical/oil spills, pharmaceuticals
  • Design and conduct laboratory and field programs to assess risk to aquatic and wildlife species