Laboratory Toxicity Testing


Ecotoxicity and Fate Testing

Toxicity Testing will be conducted at the NELAC-accredited Ecotoxicology & Risk Assessment Laboratory, Southeast Environment Research Center, Florida International University (FIU).  The laboratory can conduct static and flow-through aquatic toxicity studies and terrestrial soil studies with standard and native species under acute and chronic exposures. The laboratory also has on-site natural full-strength saltwater and an automated system to prepare estuarine waters with different salinities. The flow-through systems are self contained units controlled with Windows® software to ensure consistency of chemical exposures and water quality conditions.

The FIU testing capabilities for EU REACH compliance include the full compliment of Ecotoxicological information for substances and comprise the following Ecotoxicity and Environmental Fate studies:

  • Acute Daphnia toxicity
  • Algal growth inhibition
  • Acute fish toxicity
  • Activated sludge respiration inhibition
  • Daphnia long-term toxicity
  • Degradation (biotic)
  • Abiotic degradation
  • Soil adsorption/desorption
  • Long-term toxicity on fish
  • Bioconcentration in fish
  • Effects on terrestrial organisms
  • Long-term effects on terrestrial organisms

We also can prepare special test designs for clients based on the characteristics of the chemical and application.  This is especially important with respect to manufactured nanoparticles and nanomaterials were non-routine characterization may require specialized techniques such as those that determine physio-chemical properties (i.e., particle size determination using scanning electron microscope) or histopathological observations with the light microscope.