Welcome to REACH RISK

REACH RISK offers cost-effective solutions for the evaluation and registration of agrochemicals, industrial chemicals and pharmaceuticals through comprehensive ecotoxicity testing and ecological risk assessments in support of the European Union Registration and Assessment of Chemicals (REACH)REACH RISK can evaluate, test and assess the toxicity of the novel nanoparticles and nanomateirals that are currently finding wide and diverse application.

REACH RISK is a scientific joint venture founded by five principal scientists, Drs. Steve Bartell, Richard Handy, Gary Rand, Lee Shugart and Chris Theodorakis.  Each Principal is recognized internationally as an expert in their particular scientific discipline as evidenced by their substantive contributions to the scientific literature.  Areas of expertise, which are particularly applicable to REACH RISK, include

Business Organization

  • L.R. Shugart & Associates, Inc., is the prime contractor for all business conducted by REACH RISK.  Potential clients and/or interested parties are encouraged to contact one of the Principals to discuss in more detailed how the company’s expertise can be applied to their specific chemical interest. 
  • Dr. Lee R. Shugart is president of LR Shugart & Associates, Inc., a consulting firm specializing in environmental issues;
  • Dr. Steven M. Bartell is the Principal Scientist and Manager at E2 Consulting Engineers, Inc;
  • Dr. Richard Handy is an academician and research scientist at the University of Plymouth, UK; 
  • Dr. Gary M. Rand is a professor in the Department of Environmental Studies and Director of the Ecotoxicology and Risk Assessment Laboratory of the Southeast Environmental Research Center at Florida International University.; and
  • Dr. Chris Theodorakis is an academician and research scientist at Southern Illinois University Edwardsville.  An abbreviated CV with a Prospectus/Capabilities Statements for each Principal is attached.