Dr. Richard Handy
Reader in Toxicology & Physiology
School of Biological Sciences
University of Plymouth
Drake Circus
Plymouth, Devon, PL4 8AA, UK
Tel: +44 (0) 1752-584630 
Fax: +44 (0) 1752-232970
E-mail: R.Handy@plymouth.ac.uk




Research Interests:

  • Research Interests:

    Ecotoxicity of Nanoparticles & Nanomaterials
    Nanotechnology is defined as using materials and structures with nanoscale dimensions, usually in the range 1-100 nm, although for toxicological applications we also consider larger aggregates of nanomaterials (review: Handy and Shaw, 2007; Handy, et. al., 2008).  Our laboratory has recently focused on two types of very different nanomaterials, carbon nanotubes (CNT’s) and titanium dioxide particles (TiO2 NPs).  Our seminal publications include the first ever reports of CNT and TiO2 NPs effects on the internal organs of fish (Smith et al., 2007; Federici et al., 2007).  These reports include histopathological observations at the light microscope and particle size determination using scanning electron microscope.  Dr Handy is also on the UK Nanotechnology Task Force (Defra) and is author of a Defra report on ecotoxicity test methods for nanomaterials which includes aspects of characterisation (Crane & Handy, 2007).  His work is currently supported by three NERC grants and a 5-year RCUK fellow (Dr Ted Henry). These activities are part of a strategic plan for nanoscience research at the University of Plymouth, and the broader strategy for Environment and Human Health in the Peninsula Medical School (Exeter & Plymouth Universities), and with collaborators at the Plymouth Marine Laboratory.  Our researchers are therefore at the forefront of this new and exciting area.


Professional Experience:


  • Crane, M., and R.D. Handy. 2007. An assessment of regulatory testing strategies and methods for characterizing the ecotoxicological hazards of nanomaterials, Report for Defra, London, UK. Avail-able at: http://randd.defra.gov.uk/Document.aspx?DocumentID=2270
  • Federici, G., B.J. Shaw and R.D. Handy(2007) Toxicity of titanium dioxide nanoparticles to rainbow trout, (Oncorhynchus mykiss): Gill injury, oxidative stress, and other physiological effects. Aquatic Toxicol.,84:415–430.
  • Handy, R.D. and B.J.  Shaw. 2007. Toxic effects of nanoparticles and nanomaterials: implications for public health, risk assessment and the public perception of nanotechnology. Health Risk Soc., 9:125–144.
  • Hand, R.D., F. von der Kammer, J.R. Lead, M. Hassellov, R. Owen and M. Crane. 2008. The ecotoxicology and chemistry of manufactured nanopartices. Ecotoxicology, 17:287-313.
  • Smith, C.J., B.J. Shaw and R.D. Handy. 2007. Toxicity of single walled carbon nanotubes on rainbow trout, (Oncorhynchus mykiss): respiratory toxicity, organ pathologies, and other physiological effects.  Aquatic Toxicol., 82:94–109.