Ecological Risk Assessment

REACH RISK offers professional state-of-the-art services in assessing potential ecological risks posed by industrial, agricultural, and pharmaceutical chemicals.  Our basic assessment capabilities include

  • statistical analysis of exposure and effects data,
  • development of species sensitivity distributions, and
  • calculations using quantitative structure activity relations (QSAR). 

We further specialize in the

  • development, application, and evaluation of individual-based, population, community/ecosystem, and
  • landscape models for estimating ecological risks. 

Environmental risk assessment of nanomaterials can be performed within the existing tiered approach and regulatory framework, but with modifications to methodology including physio-chemical characterization of the materials being examined.

REACH RISK demonstrates proven capabilities in the assessment of

  • ecological risks posed by organic contaminants,
  • metals and trace elements,
  • herbicides,
  • pesticides, and
  • ionizing radiation.

REACH RISK supports the risk assessment needs of private and public sector clients.