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L.R. Shugart & Associates, Inc. was established in 1995 to provide scientific expertise in genetic ecotoxicology, a rapidly developing discipline that examines the interaction of hazardous substances with the genetic material of living organisms and assess the consequences of these interactions.

In the environmental science arena, L.R. Shugart & Associates, Inc. has scientific knowledge in biochemistry, molecular biology, ecotoxicology and in situ sampling.  Access to internationally recognized experts and methodologies in numerous other disciplines is readily available and include: histopathology, immunology, teratology, behavioral effects, endocrinology, population genetics, statistical analysis and ecological risk assessment. 

L.R. Shugart & Associates, Inc. has expanded its initial scope of operation and is currently structured to provide a thorough, comprehensive and scientifically defensible evaluation of a customer’s activities and process as they relate to and either affect or are affected by the environment.  Information gained from these types of evaluations can be used to identify risk and to suggest cost-effective solutions.  We also have the capability to provide supplemental expertise and assistance with technical, legal, and contractual issues.  In addition, L.R. Shugart & Associates, Inc. conducts educational seminars and courses that encompass a wide range of both technical and environmental subjects.

The following services are offered by L.R. Shugart & Associates, Inc.

  1. Genetic Ecotoxicology & Biomarker Application
  2. Seminars and Courses
  3. Scientific Assistance
  4. Educational Assistance
  5. Regulatory Toxicity Testing
  6. Bio-Energy and Ecosystem Restoration

Past customers of L.R. Shugart & Associates, Inc. include The Canadian Wildlife Service, ExxonMobil Corporation, U.S. Department of Energy, The University of Mississippi, the City of Porto, Portugal, the New University of Lisbon, Portugal; The Argentine Museum of Natural Sciences, Buenos Aires and The United States Geological Survey. 

Regardless of the issue, we are committed to providing the best science and scientists to work on the problem. 

Principle Contact, Dr. Lee R. Shugart, President, (865) 927-2000, leeshugart@lrshugart.com.

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